IM-1010 Surgical TEE Mouth Gurad




  • Latex free non-sterile mouth guard,
  • Protects teeth and oral tissue
  • Stabilise endotracheal tube
  • Protects TEE probe from teeth damage.Description:
    This is semi rigid mouth guard for endotracheal tube fixation, and protection of teeth and soft tissues during TEE procedure. The construction of bite guard allows entrance of both endotracheal tube and TEE probe simultaneously. The opening part is especially designed for endotracheal tube fixation. After intubation place mouth guard in mouth with open holder, close the holder around the endotracheal tube and fix it with screw. Fasten the mouth guard with the strap over patient’s neck. TEE probe should be inserted into proper place for utilization of transesophageal endoscopic echocardiography.

Manufacturer: Inoris Medical Sp. z o.o.


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